All On Everyday (Bar Attachment Denture) Post Operative Care

Post Surgery, Soft and Non-Chewed Diet options:

What can I eat?

In general a diet that can be swallowed without having to too chew much is considered safe and reasonable to eat. We recommend starting with clear liquids and slowly progressing to soft foods.

Clear soft diet:

– jello, soups, ices,

 Mechanical Soft:

-milkshake, smoothies, ice cream or any food that does not require chewing. You may consider adding protein to the shakes and smoothies.

-Soft pasta and eggs are also excellent options

Some more Diet Ideas…

Scrambled eggs, soft boiled egg, oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, Ensure protein plus, protein shakes, egg or tuna sandwich, lasagna, Mac and Cheese, Fish, Soups, Mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pudding. The Internet is a great place to turn to find interesting options that fit these requirements.

What not to eat.

Nuts, Pretzels, Hard Taco Shells, Nacho Chips any hard small or sharp food should be avoided.

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