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I had a fractured molar that I had been trying to deal with for a while. I got the referral for an extraction from my dentist and was in Dr. Pulver's chair within 3 days. My last visit with Dr. Pulver was because of 4 impacted wisdom teeth about 10yrs ago and it was an easy recovery so it only made sense to see him again. This time around his office staff was once again polite and his technicians were sweet and kept conversation light, easygoing, and professional. The office manager came in and talked to me before hand to make sure I knew of my responsibilities and showed my husband where to wait for me. When Dr. Pulver arrived he was in a great mood and told a few jokes. Next thing I knew I woke up and all was done! Immediately no more pain in my ear or jaw! Recovery was a little achey but all in all a great expierence!

- Jodie T

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