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I've been waiting for so long for someone to have the confidence to remove all four of my wisdom teeth without breaking the right side of my jaw or cause me to lose feeling.. I am beyond greatful for Dr. L. Eric Pulver and His super amazing staff.. I don't want to leave anyone out however I do want to Recognize one of the friendly voices over the phone who I got to meet at the end.. her name is Andrea... Andrea I just want to thank you for your patience.. I thank you so much for explaining to me from the finance standpoint and also the procedure.. you and the rest of the front office staff are the faces of Dr. Pulver and I'm glad he has you guys.. Dr. L. Eric Pulver... Thank you .. Thank you.. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I have been trying for so long to get my wisdom teeth pulled.. but others would take one look at my X-rays and refer me to the next for only the next to refer me to the next to the point I was seriously ready to give up on ever having a chance to one day having normal smile.. Being let down so many times is so frustrating and discouraging..I felt relieved after you looked in my mouth and afterwards explained what you were about to do next.... I've never got that far in the past ... after we kept talking it made me feel even more lucky to know you were from one of the best hospitals in Chicago and was familiar with Dr McKay McKinnon and his work... today was much bigger to me then just getting my wisdom teeth pulled. And no General Anastasia will make me not remember one of the best days of my life that took place in your office today 4/24/2017

- Anndrea S

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