Danica Koenig

At the age of 39 I was soon to lose all of my teeth from lifelong dental problems. Due to extensive bone loss, I would likely not be able to retain a traditional denture for more an a few years at most, leaving implants as my only option to have teeth at all.

I had assumed in the beginning of my research for an oral surgeon that the treatment plan would be much the same and I need only find a surgeon I was comfortable with and could afford. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case at all. Within a few months I was confused, overwhelmed, depressed and running out of time. The wrong decision would affect me for the rest of my life. I interviewed close to a dozen oral surgeons and was sure of nothing except I did not feel comfortable at all. Worse yet, neither were they. I was feeling completely hopeless about the whole situation.

A friend referred me to Dr. Pulver’s office and on a whim I made one last consult appointment although I was so upset at this point I nearly didn’t. I am so happy I did. Instantly knew I had found the right team, no matter what Dr. Pulver suggested I knew it would be the right decision, trusted he knew what the best process would be to reach the best result. It is a great shame that all of dentistry does not hold to the standard of his practice. I most likely would not have suffered, along with countless others the lifetime of painful dental problems that led me to this point in the first place.

I knew the results would far exceed my expectation and of course, they did. However dramatic my next statement sounds, those who deal with decades of drastic dental problems and are faced with losing their teeth will understand; I credit Dr. Pulver and his team with nothing short of giving me the rest of my life. That said; know that if you are under his care you have unquestionably made the best decision possible, relax and enjoy your results – you’ll be smiling again (or for the first time) before you know it.

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very pleasant and very prompt

- Ann R

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I liked how I was well informed and given all my options.

- Connie Johnson

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Everything went great!

- Jessica S

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Jim Booker

My story is not the normal but was taken care of in a way that earned my respect, and for me that is hard to do.

On March 30th 2011 I fell through a roof 40 feet onto the concrete, breaking my ankle and the structure of my face. The emergency room doctor found one of my teeth with the root intact in the sinus cavity below my right eye. My upper mandible was smashed into several pieces and the 4 front teeth were pulled out by the root. I thought my face would never be the same or even close. I was referred to Dr. Pulver by another oral surgeon who said there was nothing he could do to fix the damage the accident had caused. I was very skeptical that my teeth and mouth would ever look the same, let alone better. Dr. Pulver took the time and explained the entire procedure and what would take place in the long run of this procedure. My situation left me with very little options and upon the doctor’s advice we went with the Bar Attachment Denture implant procedure.

He explained every aspect in detail which eased my mind. He was straightforward and let me know this was not going to be a one day procedure but would take months for the outcome to show due to the extent of the damage from the fall. It has been over a year and I am seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel and I could not be happier. Dr. Pulver is an exceptional oral surgeon and I would, and do, tell everyone I know about him and his staff and what they did to get my face back and even better than it was before the accident.

I know my situation is not the normal situation but what he and his staff did made me realize not all oral surgeons are out to make money and some do take the time to really explain and let you know what you will be going through.

Dr Pulver and his staff are the best. No other doctors or staff has taken this good care of me. Their professionalism and courtesy are above the rest.

I have had nothing but a very exceptional experience with the entire procedure. It was hard for me to tell after only one week of the procedure but the final outcome was amazing. If I ever have to have this procedure done again, I would do it with no questions asked – as long as Dr. Pulver does it. I would not trust any other oral surgeon.

I hope no one ever has to go through the accident I had but if they do I would recommend this procedure, and Dr. Pulver, to them.

Marjean M. Reed

I was referred to Dr. Pulver by my family dentist and also by my endodontistfor evaluation of pain in a large torus in the roof of my mouth. I was truly miserable and was soon to leave on a two and a half week trip abroad. Dr. Pulver agreed to evaluate the problem and stabilized it so that I was able to enjoy the adventure. Upon my return, he performed the surgery necessary to solve the problem. I was quite frightened but really for no reason. My mouth hurt far less immediately following the surgery than it had for weeks preceding it. I was comfortable, have healed beautifully, and have only the best things to say about Dr. Pulver’s ability. He is excellent as an oral surgeon, and he is also a caring individual. The people working in his office are kind, helpful, and most professional. I highly recommend Dr. Pulver and would certainly return if ever in need of oral surgery again.

Alex Cohen

The staff at Dr. Pulver’s office is what always made what would normally be a dreadful doctor visit, an enjoyable one. Dr. Pulver, along with his staff, always did everything they could to make sure that I was comfortable and relaxed. The amount of care and effort Dr. Pulver’s office constantly showed me is not a common thing to find in a doctor’s office.

I was lucky to have found an oral surgeon who would take so much time and be genuinely dedicated to make sure that everything went as smoothly as possible after my treatments, and that I was comfortable as possible. The great care I received after my first oral surgery is what made me without question want to go back to Dr. Pulver’s office when I needed my wisdom teeth removed.

Geri Popa

I have had a wonderfully unbelievable experience with Dr. Pulver and his staff. For the amount of extensive work I have had done, it has been easy and comfortable throughout every visit. Dr. Pulver’s expertise is very comforting; I have felt very well taken care of during every procedure. I feel like he is conscientious and concerned with making sure every patient is fully informed about his or her procedure. Dr. Pulver communicates with his patients in a way that made me feel like I’m not just another patient. He takes his time to answer every question and to also converse on a personal level about family, vacation, or work. His outgoing personality, as well as the friendliness of his staff, makes every visit feel less like an “appointment” and more like a visit with family.

Jessica Klidaras

Receiving care from Dr. Pulver and his staff was one of the easiest and best choices I have made in my pursuit of a happeri and healthier lifestyle. The doctor and his staff are so welcoming and friendlyt that they make you feel like you have been a longtime patient even on the first visit. I took a chance in calling after I saw an ad in the newspaper and not only did they schedule me for a consultation immediately, they also helped place me with a dentist in my area who was able to see me immediately and worked hand in hand to create a framework for my new dental health and maintenance plan. Overall the treatment and quality of care taken by Dr. Pulver and his staff has gone above and beyond my expectations and previous experiences.

My procedure went so much smoother than I could have ever imagined and has changed the way I feel about myself and my dental/oral health. Beforehand I was treated with great care and was attended to by all of the staff, which helped make me feel relaxed. When the surgery was finished I was in shock at how fast the time went by and was out of the office in a few hours. After the procedure my recovery went great; I was able to get back to my regular routine after two days of rest. The best part was that I had very minimal swelling, which I was nervous of beforehand. Although it has been almost 5 months since my treatment I often think about my experience and the wonderful staff who helped me through the before and after process.

Sheri Venturelli

Thank you so much for always making me feel so welcome and comfortable in your office! Who knew getting an implant could be so much fun! I’ve had the misfortune of having horrible dental problems over the past few years but you have made it so easy to deal with. You always put my mind at ease and go above and beyond the call of duty in the compassion department. You are honestly the nicest doctor I have ever gone to in my entire life. You are unbelievably caring and know how to make me laugh when the tears start to roll. I have has such problems with my teeth, but you have never made me feel insecure or uncomfortable with my situation. You are the absolute best in the business and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I could never image going through my dental situation without you, Dr. Pulver, at my side.

I also want to thank Jamie and the rest of the Dr. Pulver’s dental staff. You are the sweetest and most caring person and have made my dental visits so much easier. You have been so unbelievable good to me over the years, Jamie, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Not many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist, but with your staff, I can honestly say it’s a pleasure! Everyone has made my scary visits, not so scary! I know I am the biggest baby, but you all really do help put my mind at ease. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful and caring dental office.